“Afrika” vs. “Africa”

As you may have noticed, i spell Afrika with a “k” instead of a “c”. That is because of something i recently read and agree with.

“In the spelling Afrika, a ‘k’ is used rather than a ‘c’ because for many activists the “k” represents an acknowledgment that ‘Africa’ is not the true name of that vast continent. When one speaks of Afrika, they’re bringing an Afrikan-centered view to the meaning. Therefore, the Afrika spelled with a ‘k’ represents a redefined and potentially different Afrika, and also it symbolizes a coming back together of Afrikan people worldwide. Let it be understood that when one speaks of Afrika, and when most whites think of ‘Africa’, they are coming from two different worldviews. One view supports the Afrikan ethos, while the other view supports the European ethos.”

In the words of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey,

Afrika For The Afrikans“.

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